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I was contacted by the Gary family several months before our session. We were uncertain of the beach photography conditions at this particular location as it is a private gated property with limited beach access. I met with the owner of the property to assess the location for family reunion photographs. It was a beautiful location with long sprawling yard and beautiful palm trees. This was a perfect location to get several different looking back drops and not have to load up the gang and drive somewhere. The afternoon presented light showers causing a bit of an overcast and darker clouds as the storm moved west. We generally like a bit of overcast and the clouds provide color when the sunset turns to afterglow. The color of clothing chosen by the family was an amazing. A mix and match of several different colors, but all the same hues with in the 2 colors. PERFECT selection Gary Family! As shoot time rolled around the rain settled down to allow our session to take place. Such a delightful family with very disciplined and well behaved children. We captured many different combinations with a variety of backdrops. Maui has such beautiful surroundings to encompass your Maui memories Family portraits session. I am always honored to be chosen as the Maui Photographer to capture such timeless memories for my clients. From senior portraits to family reunions and beach weddings I enjoy what I do and meeting the family vacation portrait clients. Please feel free to visit my website http://www.saphorephoto.com use the contacts us button for inquiries or feel free to call 808-276-1953.


Cohen Family

Kelly contacted me a couple of months before their arrival to the islands to schedule a family portrait session during their stay on Maui. I was honored to be chosen as their Maui Photographer. I met with the Family at Ironwoods Beach in Kapalua. This location was chosen because it is the beach that they were married on. I love capturing memories where previous memories are shared. As a Maui photographers I am willing to capture what is important to my clients, memories happen everywhere and I am flexible! We had a couple of wet puppies that enjoyed joining in our family portrait session. We allowed a couple of shots with the pups and they went back to play in the ocean. The cliffs at Ironwoods beach are pretty impressive. The eroded look of the cliffs add a distinct feature to the portraits. We had a fairly overcast grey appearance for our session, not my favorite but sometimes that is the weather that is provided, doesn’t mean the memories fade away. We decided to draw in the sand towards the end of the family portraits session and one of the young ladies made her beautiful flower in the sand. Funny thing is this is her usual flower and it happens to match my logo…that makes special memories for both of us!! If you are considering booking a family beach photography session please feel free to inquire. Package prices are located here http://www.saphorephoto.com/Packages.html or call 808-276-1953 looking forward to setting up your special family portrait session here on Maui !! Aloha!


My assistant and I met with the Cicchillo Family for their Maui Family Reunion Portraits. First at a nice grassy, palm tree area before continuing on to the beach for sunset portraits.   They were dressed in a nice array of blues, it is refreshing to have a varying of colors. Neutral colored clothing allows for this in a large group photo, and looks quite pleasing to the viewers eye.  This is important because once you print and hang the image in your home you want the viewer to observe all of the faces in your portraits.  Family Reunion portraits on Maui is fairly common as this is an amazing island to make create and capture your family memories.  As a Maui Photographer, I have many requests for this size grouping.  Having Family reunion portraits to take home after spending a delightful vacation in the islands is a priceless memento that you will treasure for years to come. I always try to add some fun beach photos to the collection for your choosing.  I like to try to make it fun for the kids so they walk away feeling the joy of having family photos taken during their Maui Family vacation Portraits session. Having photographed many families on Maui, I have learned you must be prepared for what ever may arise during a Maui Family Reunion Portraits session.  In addition to their regular clothing they had matching t shirts made to commemorate the event of the gathering on Maui and choosing Saphore Photography as their Maui Photographer.   I encourage this as a great way to treasure your Maui Memories.  At the end we decided to toss the hats in the air and say ALOHA!! Awesome ending to yet another gorgeous family enjoying their stay in the islands and the company of family.  Feel free to inquire with us for your Maui Family Reunion Portraits session I look forward to being your Maui Photographer Mahalo! http://www.saphorephoto.com  clcik on the contact us button in the upper let corner


We scheduled Jordan’s senior portraits for a sunset session in the Kihei Wailea area.  She had several different outfits to wear so we changed up the background by driving around the area near Polo Beach.  It is located on the Makena side of Wailea fronting the Fairmont Kea Lani Hotel. It is generally a pretty quiet beach and an excellent location for photographing portraits on Maui. We captured the waterfall at The Grand Wailea, some lush green surroundings, some gated properties, and then on to Polo Beach for the sunset and some lava rock shots. At this beach photography session we were able to get Molokini in the background, the west Maui mountains and Lanai off in the distance as well as the Maui sunset.   I was beyond honored to to be chosen as Jordan’s Maui Photographer, she is such a beautiful young lady.  She was stunning in all of the clothing choices she picked and we were blessed with the most gorgeous sunset, the color matched the shorts she was wearing!  There was enough time while Jordan changed to capture a few family photos, it is always nice to be able to pull that off.  When a Maui Senior portraits session goes smoothly many images can be captured.  We had a large amount of images in her final gallery to choose her favorite 20 images from.   Specializing in Senior Portraits Photography on Maui, Saphore Photography is ready to help you construct the perfect senior portraits session while visiting the island of Maui.  package page http://www.saphorephoto.com/packages.html  inquire through the contact us button or call 808-276-1953 please do not text for inquiries email or call please Aloha and Mahalo looking forward to hearing from  you!

Maui Family Portraits


Vacationing on Maui?? Family Reunion?  destination Maui? The most beautiful location in the Hawaiian Islands is right here on Maui.  Our beaches are the perfect location to capture your Family portraits while visiting Hawaii.  Our lush tropical Island provides many choices for back drops to adorn your gorgeous family portraits. Take advantage of the relaxed feeling of Island life schedule a Family portraits beach session while you all are relaxed and kicked back enjoying your vacation.  We specialize in Family Photography and reasonable package prices so you can take home your vacation memories of Maui.  We have photographed hundreds of families visiting Maui, check out our family portrait galleries at http://www.saphorephoto.smugmug.com  As your Maui Photographer it is my pleasure to capture the fun loving vacation you enjoyed.  Your family portraits will bring back many memories of your tropical island vacation.   reasonable priced packages are listed here, just click on the link http://www.saphorephoto.com/packages.html  I look forward to hearing from you to schedule your Family vacation portraits 808-276-1953

As a Maui Photographer, the eyes of some are so striking. Eldon’s eyes are a beautiful piercing blue. Momma chose the perfect color shirt to compliment his very striking feature. I photograph a lot of vacationing families on Maui. Family vacation portraits is a great idea while visiting Maui. Everybody is relaxed and un stressed from the laid back atmosphere our Island provides. Capturing your memories of vacationing in such a beautiful tropical paradise, and then having family portraits to hang on your wall at home, just embellishes the memories of visiting Maui. That one single family wall portrait of your family enjoying Maui, hanging in the great room of your home, will bring multiple memories of your wonderful vacation beyond the actual portrait session. I enjoy my job of of being a Maui photographer and capturing family vacation portraits, small beach weddings, high school senior portraits, and family reunions. We offer photographic services from Kihei – Wailea to Kapalua, Napili, Kaanapali and Lahaina. The west side does have a drive fee of $50 if the session needs to take place in that location. Kihei Wailea is a short 45 min drive from Kapalua and it is beautiful in the morning for a drive. In the winter months you will see humpback whales on your morning journey and the water is usually calm so you can see spouting as well as breaching. A boat trip with a guarantee sighting is always a nice activity while visiting Maui. I love to make suggestions on fun things to do on Maui. If you are considering familiy portraits while visiting Maui, I would be honored to be your Maui Photographer. Book a session now! http://www.saphorephoto.com

The Modtland family drove down from Kaanapali. We met at Charley Youngs Beach in Kihei. Family Reunion Portraits mixed with a 50 Year anniversary was the subject of our Photography session. They were a delightful family, and ever so patient while it decided to rain in the middle of our family portrait photo session. About 10 mins or so of spritzing and it stopped enough for us to finish our Reunion portraits. We were able to capture all our combinations that we had set out to capture. Our sunset was amazing even with the sky full of clouds. As a Maui Photographer I encounter all types of scenarios this was the easiest of interruptions to our photography session. We spent close to 2 hours photographing and the completed portrait gallery had about 150 images to choose from. They were so pleased with their digital photo images, they decided to take the complete gallery. This complete package also includes 75 4×6 prints. The basic package for this size group is $450. Very reasonably priced, some even call it cheap. I have captured family vacation portraits and senior portraits for about 10 years. I love my job as a Maui photographer. My love for my job shows in my work, I never hesitate to capture the funny faces of the kids, playing on the beach , splashing in the water if Mom and Dad allow. It truly represents the golden smiles of the fun you enjoyed while on Maui. The reason my packages are affordable. This is the best investment for memories that you actually take home with you and remember every time you view your digital images or make your own prints to hang on the wall of your home. Please feel free to contact me regarding your Maui vacation family portraits. I look forward to speaking with you and as a Maui Photographer helping you in planning your Maui family portraits! http://www.saphorephoto.com 808-276-1953

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